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The Lady Behind It All

Meet Head Chef Nazihah

The lady, mother, wife, daughter and the taste creator behind Tash Tish Tosh since 2013. Humble and shy, Chef Nazihah never compromises when come to taste perfection. Armed with her guarded family recipe, she is self-trained and will leave any chefs in the kitchen in awe.


From our signature dish the Bomb Buffalo Wings to Toolang to Battleship then to Cream Basil Seafood Pasta, she is indeed the powerhouse of TTT.


Tash Tish Tosh Heritage

Serving Greatness Since 2013

Founded on Family Values

When we first got married, all the food that was cooked were an improvised version of the original; meaning to say it was all made from scratch. It wasn't a typical rice meals, instead there were pizzas, pastas, steaks, burgers but done in Nazihah own ways on her terms.


The first audience were our own children. They were our critical audience till today. Meals were made with love and using the best ingredients. These love and using the best ingredients principle translate into TTT guide at producing every meals. We never short-change our children, guest and customers; they deserve the best ingredients in every meal.

Why We Name "Tash Tish Tosh"

Our daughter was named after my grandmother Natasha whom we never met but was a great individual that envisioned love for us in the future.


After 5 months of pregnancy we found out that our youngest child will be a daughter and named her Natasha and decided to call her Tash for short. Whilst in mummy's tummy we would sing "tash tish tosh tash tish tosh...." daily. This love was so great that we want to share this love.


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